Monday, August 31, 2009

Stuck in an Elevator

Today started off a little rough. I woke up and had a terrible stomachache and was taking the elevator to tell my program director that I didn't feel well and I didn't think I could go on our museum tour today...and then the elevator stopped in between the first floor and ground level. I was by myself in there and I sat there for a minute or two hoping that the door would magically open and of course it didn't. So I had to hit the emergency bottom and get rescued by some maintenance man and of course when he opened the door my whole group was standing right there. Great. So I went on the trip anyway to avoid more embarrassment...too bad that plan failed. I got to the museum and immediately felt like I was going to pass out and had to go back to the hotel. Oh well. After a quick nap I was ready to go again.

We went on a tour of Madrid (with our program leader who talks wayyyyyy too much) and saw all these crazy street performers like a lady covered in fruit and a human pinata (I forgot my camera today but I'll post someone else's pictures later). Oh yeah and water glass players are the curb side guitar players of Spain haha.

I got my Spain cell phone today so I feel like a real person again. And now I am currently in a cafe trying to get used to the weird meal schedule here. Dinner doesn't start til 9pm! Adios for now. More to come later (and hopefully with pictures!)

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Tired and Jet Lagged...but in Madrid!

So I made it. I borded my flight on time and left Newark around 10pm last night. Unfortunately my plan to sleep the entire 7 and a half hours was quickly destroyed. Between the drink cart going past at least 20 times and very overweight man falling over into my seat, sleep wasn't happening. So I arrived in Madrid at 10:45 (4:45 in the states) and quickly ate our "breakfast" on the plane of 4 grapes, 2 melon squares, and a toasted hot dog bun that was supposed to pass as a croissant and a cup of coffee and off I went. Costums and my cab ride to the hotel went smoothly. And as soon as I got to the hotel 4 other people from my trip were waiting in the lobby and laughing at me struggling with my suitcases. Anyway, everyone seems really chill and we've already walked around Madrid a bit. I'll be in Madrid for another day and then off to Salamanca to meet my home stay! This is it for internet access until then, so more to come later!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Welcome: Last Days in the USA

As I started packing my bags (yes, I have too many) for my four month stay in Salamanca, Spain, I decided it would be easier to keep everyone up to date with a blog instead of emails. So here it is...El Gallo begins her adventures in Spain.

I leave Saturday night for my 7 and a half hour flight to Madrid to meet up with everyone else on my abroad program. We will be staying there for a day and a half before taking a bus to Salamanca to meet our host families. So look forward to updates and pictures coming soon!